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14 Best Luxury Company Holiday Gifts Over $100

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Update! There is still time to order your gifts and have them delivered before Christmas.  Yes, you will most likely pay extra for shipping but it is so worth the money to avoid the crowds at the malls and to ensure your clients, colleagues, and associates know you are thinking of them this holiday season! If by chance you miss the Christmas cut-offs, please know, it is perfectly acceptable business practice that holiday business gifts arrive anytime before the New Year. You might want to adjust your business holiday card to read  something like best wishes in the New Year or wishing you a peaceful & joyful New Year.

We have gathered together fifteen of our favorite holiday business gifts.  This list of the Best Luxury Company Holiday Gifts Over $100.00 takes over where our Best Company Holiday Gift Ideas under $100 leaves off.  Both lists are organized from least expensive to most expensive and range from celebratory champagne toasts to gorgeous elegant decanters to scrumptious meals delivered to your colleagues’ & clients’ front doors. There are treats for individuals, couples, and the whole family!  All the gifts have been hand selected to reflect high quality products with lovely presentation designed to impress and delight your associates.  These are only a few of the many gifts available.  If you don’t find something you like, feel free to email us and we are sure we can help you find the perfect something for your special client! Please Note: The shipping and tax costs will vary depending on the recipient’s location.  

Ordering any of these luxury company holiday gifts over $100.00 is simple –  just click on the picture or click here link to order a product!

15 Best Luxury Company Holiday Gifts Over $100.00

1. Champagne Plus

Champagne & Flutes Gift Set

Champagne and Flutes Gift Set, Best Company Holiday Gifts Over $100, Best Luxury Company Holiday Gifts

Send along your congratulatory wishes with this gift of your choice of premium champagnes, along with two genuine crystal champagne flutes. Elevate your gift by adding a personalized initial to each flute, presenting a thoughtful and endearing offering that’s perfect for celebrating your client’s purchase of their new home. We particularly like that even after the bottle of premium champagne is finished, your clients will have

Gift Cost: $84.95  – $399.95 + Standard Shipping: $10.95 = Total Cost $94.95 -$410.95

Click Here to Order a Champagne and Flutes Gift Set

Champagne and Confections

Champagne and Confections, Best Luxury Company Holiday Gifts

Make your client’s housewarming special with the exceptional gift of world-class bubbly combined with pecan nougat caramels and an elegant classic Champagne chiller. Choose from Moet & Chandon Imperial Champagne, Dom Perignon, Perrier Jouet Fleur Belle Epoque, and Louis Roederer Cristal

Gift Cost: $124.95  – $374.95

Click Here to Order Champagne and Confections

Luxury Wine Chiller with Dom Perignon 2004

Luxury Wine Chiller with Dom Perignon 2004, Best Luxury Company Holiday Gifts

Simply elegant – a sought after bottle of Dom Perignon 2004 arrives in a Gorham-designed chiller.

Since 1831 Gorham has set the standard for fine American tableware and this chiller, with its distinctive hammered design and polished finish, is an apt showcase for one of a vintner’s most celebrated labors. An enduring gift worthy of celebrating your client’s home investment. Other wines also available

Gift Cost: $289.95

Click Here to Order a Luxury Wine Chiller with Dom Perignon 2004

2. Stunning Stationery

Beautiful Stationery and Address Embosser

Personalized Stationery & Address Stamps Make Lovely Holiday Gifts

One of our most popular gifts are Custom Stamps & Embossers.  Why not amp up the gift and include personalized stationery too!

Gift Cost: Varies depending on the stationery ordered | Custom Stamp: $45.00 | Custom Embosser: $69.99

Click Here to Order A Custom Stamp

Click Here to Order A Custom Embosser

Click Here to Order Custom Stationery

3. Gift a Tree

meyer lemon tree

Another gift that keeps on giving! Is your client a chef, gardener or someone who loves the taste of fresh lemons in cold beverages and gourmet foods.  If so, this is the gift for them.  A Meyer Lemon has been called the “perfect” lemon because it is naturally sweeter than tart, store-bought lemons. You generally cannot buy Meyer Lemons at the local grocery store which makes this gift that much more special. Fortunately Meyer Lemon trees grow well in containers, and adjust to a wide variety of growing conditions. A Meyer Lemon tree is equally spectacular as a houseplant or a focal point on the patio.

A Meyer Lemon Tree blooms with dainty white flowers in late fall and then again in spring. The flowers will fill your client’s home or yard with a fresh citrus fragrance. Afterwards, clusters of lemons will begin to grow and ripen.

The Meyer Lemon Tree Gift Set makes it possible for anyone to enjoy homegrown Meyer Lemons. The gift set includes a potted Meyer Lemon tree, 18-24 inches tall and ready to transplant into the growing container of your choice. Each gift set also incudes Bio-Tone Starter Plus food, Schrade Fruit Sampler Knife and a lemon squeezer made of durable metal with a bright yellow enameled finish.

Gift Cost: $199.00 (On sale for just $99.00, as of 9/1/2015)

Click Here to Order a Meyer Lemon Tree Gift Set

4. Watercolor Painting :: Perfect for Real Estate, Construction, or Interior Design Client Gifts

original watercolor painting of home

These original 11″ x 14″ watercolor house portraits are not only so personalized, they are beautiful works of art.  They do not come framed so we highly recommend that you spring for a gorgeous frame too.  Because each painting is custom made, turn around time is about a month, so plan accordingly.

Gift Cost: $130.00 +  Standard Delivery: ~$12.00 = Total Cost $142.00

Click Here to Order an Original Watercolor Painting of Home

5. Elegant Candlesticks

Waterford Lismore Candlesticks, Best Luxury Company Holiday Gifts

These elegant Waterford Lismore Candlesticks will light up your client’s home during the holidays and thought out  the year for many years to come.  The Waterford Lismore pattern is a stunning combination of brilliance and clarity. Accentuate the natural beauty of candlelight with the Lismore 4-inch, 6-inch, 8-inch, or 10-inch  Candlestick Pair. Each elegant candlestick combines the intricate detailing of Lismore’s signature diamond and wedge cuts with the comforting weight and stability of Waterford’s hand-crafted, fine crystal. Be sure to order these gift wrapped!

Gift Cost: $124 – $255.98 (All of these candlesticks are reduced at least 20% or more on Amazon and are eligible for Free two day shipping with Amazon Prime)

Click Here to Order Waterford Lismore 4-inch Candlesticks

Click Here to Order Waterford Lismore 6-inch Candlesticks

Click Here to Order Waterford Lismore 8-inch Candlesticks

Click Here to Order Waterford Lismore 10-inch Candlesticks

6. Gourmet Gift Baskets

Luxury Wine Baskets, Best Company Holiday Gifts Over $100, Best Luxury Company Holiday Gifts

Do not be too quick to dismiss the traditional gift basket.  There are so many options and today many arrive in interesting keepsake containers.  Some include wine others are brimming with gourmet with edibles.  Whatever you choose, you will know it is a WOW gift and your clients will remember for always

Gift Cost: $119.95 – $695

Click Here to Order a Gourmet Gift Basket from Gift Tree

Click Here to Order a Gourmet Gift Basket from GiftBasketsPlus

7. A Scrumptious Feast

Filet Feast & Maine Lobster Tails Dinner

Filet Feast and Maine Lobster Tails Dinner, Best Company Holiday Gifts Over $100, Best Luxury Company Holiday Gifts

Give the gift of five star dining within the comfort of your client’s home this holiday season with this mouthwatering spread of surf, turf, and delicious coastal cuisines! Plus they get to keep the sea shellers and seafood forks as a housewarming memento.

Gift Includes:

  • Two Large Maine Lobster Tails
  • Two Filet Mignon 6 oz Steaks
  • New England Clam Chowder
  • Maryland Crab Cakes
  • Seafood Kit: Sea Shellers, Seafood Forks, Lobster Bibs, Moist Towelettes, Preparation Instructions

Gift Cost: $144.95 +  Day Express Delivery: $36.95 = Total Cost $181.90

Click Here to Order a Filet Feast and Maine Lobster Tails Dinner

8. Regal Orchid

Regal Orchid Company Gift, Best Company Holiday Gifts Over $100, Best Luxury Company Holiday Gifts

This trio of colorful orchids is an elegant way to thank your clients for their business and wish them the happiest of holidays and a joyful new year. Presented in a beautiful white ceramic planter are three miniature phalaenopsis orchid plants. The white, lavender and green orchids sit peacefully in a bed of smooth, Zen river rocks.

Gift Cost: $174.95 +  Service Fee: $18.99 = Total Cost $193.94

Click Here to Order a Regal Orchid

9. Wine Club Subscription

Wine-of-the-Month-Club, Best Luxury Company Holiday Gifts

Give the gift that keeps on giving.  Stay top-of-mind with your favorite colleagues and important clients by sending a monthly or quarterly wine gift. We have researched all the wine clubs pretty thoroughly and our favorites are featured here.  Each club is slightly different.  For example, The California Wine Club’s subscription series includes a $25 wine credit, The California Wine Club’s 25th Anniversary Recipe and Wine Guide and option to personalize and brand gift cards. Similarly, the Wine of the Month Club also includes their 24-page newsletter “The Tasting Room” with cellaring suggestions, recipes, history and more.

Gift Cost: $115 – $2496.00

Click Here to Order The California Wine Club’s Subscription Series

Click Here to Order a Wine of the Month Club’s Subscription Series

10. PLAY!

Luxury Games Company Holiday Gifts, Best Luxury Company Holiday Gifts

They say the family who plays together stays together.  Gift your clients luxury versions of your favorite games. Not only will you be in the front of their mind whenever they play, you will be helping them to make wonderful memories!

Gift Costs >> Umbra Chess Set Wobble: $249 | RevoMaze Bronze: $329.99 $229.99 | The Ramisi: $279.99 | Titanium & Blue Isis Puzzle: 239 | Marbles Solitaire Di Venezia: $119.95 | Scrabble Luxury Edition Board Game: $199.00

Click Here to Order Umbra Chess Set Wobble 

Click Here to Order a RevoMaze

Click Here to Order The Ramisi

Click Here to Order a Marbles Solitaire Di Venezia

Click Here to Order a Scrabble Luxury Edition Board Game


11. EAT Beef

Best of the West Grilling Package

Best of the West Steaks Ground Beef Hotdogs Snake River Farms Company Holiday Gifts, Best Luxury Company Holiday Gifts

Gather up your family and friends, fire up the grill and get ready to see smiles on everyone’s face with the Best of the West grilling package. The USDA Prime Cowboy Chop is a bone-in ribeye that is either the largest steak or the smallest prime rib you’ve ever enjoyed. The filet mignon and ribeye filets will please beef eaters across the steak variety spectrum. Those who love burgers and dogs will love the restaurant quality Double R Ranch ground beef and deli hot dogs. This is one bundle of Northwest beef that really has something for everyone and will please your client’s entire family.

Gift Cost: $239 +  Standard Shipping $9.99 = Total Cost $248.99

Click Here to Order a Best of the West Grilling Package

12. For the Wine Connoisseur

Opus One 2011 Private Cellar Gift Set, Best Luxury Company Holiday Gifts

When you aim to make a big impact on your very best clients and favorite colleagues, this is the perfect gift! This superior wine gift presentation is guaranteed to impress. You get to choose from an amazing selection of highly rated wines each delivered in a striking Napa “wine box” presentation with a pair of Riedel Vinum XL glasses. This custom made wooden gift box is a joy in itself with its dual sliding lids and accompanying gift items. A grand impression is made from the moment your client opens the first lid to discover your personal gift card affixed with a wax seal.

Discerning wine drinkers will also recognize the quality of the Riedel glassware and appreciate the unique dachshund-shaped pewter cork toy. Delectable Pecan Caramels from Sanders Fine Chocolatiers and a classic, handmade wine opener round out this superlative gift, leaving a lasting memory of your thoughtfulness.

Gift Cost: $315.95 – $909.95

Click Here to Order a Discerning Wine Connoisseur Gift Set

13. Useable Art

Riedel Paloma Wine Decanter

Riedel Paloma Wine Decanter, Best Luxury Company Holiday Gifts

Derived from the Spanish word for dove, impress any wine lover with this long and delicate crystal decanter. Wine is poured from the bottle into the large opening, let rest until its mineral content fully decants, and then is poured into the glass from the narrower curved neck.

The Paloma’s curvilinear design ensures a stable handhold for smooth pouring, and its elliptical mouth prevents any dripping. Perfect to adorn any mantel top or wine cabinet, show your rarefied taste with its graceful curvature and elegant presentation.

Gift Cost: $449.95 + Standard Shipping: $15.95 = Total Cost $465.90

Click Here to Order a Riedel Paloma Wine Decanter

14. Amazon Gift Card

An Amazon gift card, whether delivered thru the mail in a lovely congratulations gift box, a thank you card, or via email, is always appreciated!. Your clients can use their cards for home improvements (yes, Amazon carries everything from faucet fixtures and ceiling tiles, to gardening supplies, housewares and home decor) or for  birthday, anniversary and holiday gifts, or even for everyday essentials like diapers and groceries – all delivered Free with an Amazon Prime membership.

Amazon Gift Cards Company Holiday Gifts

Click Below to Order Your Amazon Gift Card Now!

Amazon Gift Card -Email Happy Holidays! (available in any denomination of your choosing) Gift Card with Greeting Card (Minimum denomination is $10.00 in increments of $5.00) Gift Cards In a Gift Box – Free One-Day Shipping (available in denominations of $50.00, $75.00, and $100. up through $500.00 )

Happy Gifting! 

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